A few of my favorite learning-related resources.  This is an ever-growing, ever-evolving list!  Please share your favorites as well!


At any given time, I find myself following these Twitter conversations via hashtags.  The collaboration and insights provided by the great people in these networks make me better at what I do.  Every day.













ATD National Group

Creative Trainers Network

Langevin Learning Services Alumni Group

Learning, Education, and Training Professionals Group

Onboarding Best Practices Group

Professional Speakers and Seminar Leaders Group

Training Managers Forum

Training Magazine Group


Training Magazine:  www.trainingmagnetwork.com

The Langevin Blog:  http://blog.langevin.com

The Happy Curmudgeon:  http://www.thetrainingworld.com/wp/category/training-wisdom-or-training-foolishness/advice-for-trainers/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

Association for Talent Development:  td.org

Mind Tools – www.mindtools.com

Train Like a Champion (blog): http://trainlikeachampion.wordpress.com/

Mike Taylor (blog): http://tmiket.wordpress.com/

Learning Rebels (blog): http://learningrebels.com/

Pinterest – Learning & Development Playground



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