First Impressions…

I'd like to chat with my recruiting and hiring manager friends for a moment... You are setting the tone for your relationship with your newest team member from the earliest points of contact. The first impressions you give, even in this embryonic stage, will remain etched in the employee's mind long after your initial meeting. … Continue reading First Impressions…


The Art of the Meet & Greet

The Meet & Greet is a beloved component of many onboarding programs.  I'm going out on a limb, however, and guess that many hiring managers love them for the wrong reasons.  Let's ruffle some feathers: Reasons I Think (Some) Hiring Managers Love Meet & Greets: 1. They're pretty easy to coordinate. 2. Most of the … Continue reading The Art of the Meet & Greet

3 Questions Every New Manager Should Ask

When people think of "onboarding", many people often think of "orientation".  Even the most seasoned learning professionals are guilty of this!  If you've read this earlier post, you'll remember that we explored this topic, but it bears further exploration... Orientation is part of onboarding, but not all onboarding is orientation! So, let's think beyond the … Continue reading 3 Questions Every New Manager Should Ask