Onboarding Audit

Are you tired of providing a mediocre experience for your newly-hired employees?

Do you know your onboarding program could be more strategic, but you just don’t know where to begin?

Now is the time to leverage new employee onboarding as a strategic driver of business results!

Optimization and strategy through an Onboarding Audit is the key.

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This is for you if…

  • You believe onboarding is (or can be!) a strategic business initiative.
  • You are ready to unlock the keys to new employee success in your organization.
  • You are ready to positively impact the new employee experience AND business results.
  • You are ready for gut-honest feedback about your existing onboarding program.
  • You are ready to demonstrate a return on your onboarding investment.
  • You are ready to invest in a change that yields results.

phase(two)learning specializes in making new employees successful, building stronger teams and driving organizational results through strategic onboarding for small and mid-sized businesses. With 20 years of Talent Development expertise, Michelle Baker has delivered live and online training and strategic consultation to hundreds of organizations on six continents.

Let’s optimize your onboarding experience…together!

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Onboarding Audit  >  Onboarding Strategy  >  Onboarding Implementation

Optimize your onboarding strategy in 2019 with an Onboarding Audit and Action Plan, customized for your business’ priorities, employees and culture.

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What does an Onboarding Audit include?

◊ A virtual Discovery Workshop to learn more about the current state of your program, from your perspective.

◊ Facilitation of our proven, 4-stack feedback process, to gather valuable insights from your key onboarding stakeholders:

◊ A comprehensive, diagnostic review of all stakeholder feedback

Expert recommendations about what is currently working well and areas of opportunity to optimize the new employee experience during the first 30-60-90 days and beyond

◊ A goal-oriented action plan to break recommendations down into immediate, short and long-term tasks or projects

◊ An accountability plan to stay on track and meet your goals!


◊ Email communication templates

◊  Evaluation survey templates for key onboarding stakeholders

Reproducible checklists that can be modified for your organization’s unique needs

◊ Appendix of curated industry resources to support your onboarding goals

◊ Access to eBook, Onboarding Tools for Hiring Managers, authored by Michelle Baker

Results-focused onboarding starts today.

Invest in your new employees’ potential.

Invest in supportive, engaged hiring managers, leaders and teams.

Invest in reduced turnover and increased productivity and profits.

Invest in onboarding.

Conducting an onboarding audit with phase(two)learning will drive your business strategy to help you meet goals and objectives. Get the clarity your business needs to focus your onboarding efforts on data and proven practices…not assumptions.

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