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2 thoughts on “Connect

  1. Paul MacKinnon says:


    Thank you for your blog. I just wanted you to know I have spent a good part of today reading your posts back to the first of the year. Your approach is simple, direct and refreshing. We are about to start a true onboarding program and your blogs (I love the 20 questions new employees should ask as well as the contract) have been very helpful.

    I have a question for you. Have you any interest/knowledge in the area of offboarding? I’d really like to know that something of interest and substance will be appearing in my inbox a couple of times a week if you were able to provide this type of content on your blog.

    Michelle, thanks again for your knowledge, approach and interesting delivery.

    Iron Mountain

    • Michelle says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks so much for your kind words. You know, I tend to stop reading blogs when they start sounding too “academic”, so I just write the way I talk, about a topic I’m passionate about. :)

      I think offboarding is a very interesting topic! I actually had a recent discussion with a few people on a LinkedIn forum about it; but so far, I think I’ve only explored it once on this blog (the “Exit Surveys are Not Enough” post from a few months ago)…and that was at a pretty high level. I will definitely ponder it! It’s a big topic of conversation at the day job right now, so maybe-just-maybe I can find some inspiration there!

      Is there anything specific on your mind, when it comes to offboarding? Do you have an organized initiative that works for you? I’m always curious to know what others are doing. :)

      Thanks again for reading and for fueling the conversation!

      Enjoy your weekend,

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