The important distinction between “orientation” and “onboarding”

I recently read an article about - you guessed it - onboarding, and a statement stuck with me...the author was defining new employee orientation at a high level, and then went on to define onboarding. The author suggested that, "Onboarding is often described as 'orientation on steroids.'" This was unsettling to me in a few … Continue reading The important distinction between “orientation” and “onboarding”

Onboarding is not a “Nice-to-Have”

I had a brief conversation with a consultant and business owner at a networking event a few months ago, where the topic drifted to the new employee experience. We were discussing a few general best practices and he probed why onboarding is the niche market I choose to serve in my consulting practice. Trying not … Continue reading Onboarding is not a “Nice-to-Have”