Corporate Learning and the Stages of Grief

Ok, kids...pop quiz!  Hands up if you can name the 5 stages of grief, according to the Kubler-Ross model.  And....go: Anyone...?  Anyone...? <crickets> I know, you're probably thinking of Ferris Bueller's Day Off right about now (I know I am), but stay with me.  There really is a point. As with most changes, it takes time for … Continue reading Corporate Learning and the Stages of Grief

Exit Interviews are Not Enough

I've got "legacy knowledge" on the brain these days. When a veteran employee leaves the company, how do we prevent his vault of knowledge from walking out the door as well?  Most companies facilitate some sort of exit interview, to capture the employee feedback before they leave, but typically surface-level, "employee relations" information is what … Continue reading Exit Interviews are Not Enough

Passing the Onboarding Torch

When it comes to onboarding new employees in your organization, who is responsible for what?  There are typically several stakeholders who take part in the process, but sometimes those stakeholders aren't always on the same page.  In my last post, I challenged you to take action if you notice gaps.  Well, here is a little ammunition … Continue reading Passing the Onboarding Torch

Onboarding Utopia: Part Deux

What do new employees truly learn on the first day at a new job?  This is a question I've been pondering for a few days now, since my post, One Step Closer to Onboarding Utopia.  Well, I've got some thoughts on the subject.  At a minimum, new employees need to understand three things by the time they leave at the … Continue reading Onboarding Utopia: Part Deux

Assume Nothing

This afternoon, I went to my friendly neighborhood convenience store for some caffeinated refreshment (if you've checked out my About tab, you'll remember that I have a "wicked caffeine addiction").  While I was in the store, I overheard one of the two cashiers (loudly) remarking that she "didn't trust the guy at Pump 4."  She … Continue reading Assume Nothing