Onboarding Should be Relational, not Transactional

Sometimes, it's the smallest things that get under a person's skin and drives. them. absolutely. crazy. For me, it's the term "new hire." Seems innocent, right? I'm sure about 99.2% of people in the free world wouldn't think twice about the expression, but it's one I simply cannot stand. In fact, I told my friend Brian the … Continue reading Onboarding Should be Relational, not Transactional


Top 10 Posts About Onboarding

It's summer vacation for phase(two)learning! For the next two weeks, please enjoy this recap of favorite phase(two)learning blog posts! Look for fresh, new content in July! If you've been following this blog for long, you'll know that onboarding is a topic that I could talk about all day. A solid onboarding program can have a … Continue reading Top 10 Posts About Onboarding

Pinterest for Onboarding: Part One

Ah, Pinterest.  The (addicting!) social media darling. This site has opened my eyes to everything from new recipes, to travel inspiration, to shoes and handbags (swoon!) and home decor ideas...and about 1001 other things.  I even post links to this blog and other things that inspire me on a Pinterest board.  Such fun! Pinterest is … Continue reading Pinterest for Onboarding: Part One

3 Questions Every New Manager Should Ask

When people think of "onboarding", many people often think of "orientation".  Even the most seasoned learning professionals are guilty of this!  If you've read this earlier post, you'll remember that we explored this topic, but it bears further exploration... Orientation is part of onboarding, but not all onboarding is orientation! So, let's think beyond the … Continue reading 3 Questions Every New Manager Should Ask