The important distinction between “orientation” and “onboarding”

I recently read an article about - you guessed it - onboarding, and a statement stuck with me...the author was defining new employee orientation at a high level, and then went on to define onboarding. The author suggested that, "Onboarding is often described as 'orientation on steroids.'" This was unsettling to me in a few … Continue reading The important distinction between “orientation” and “onboarding”

Workshops Coming in 2013!

I'm so, so, excited to share this news with you... On my Consulting and Workshops page, it will tell you to "Stay tuned for public workshops!"  Well, here we go... Starting in Spring 2013, phase(two)learning will be offering public workshops! Over the past several years, I've worked on a number of projects for both the … Continue reading Workshops Coming in 2013!