#OneSimpleThing – Stop Procrastinating!

procrastinators unite tomorrow

I don’t know about you, but I am an expert procrastinator. I was thinking about this over the weekend as I was completing a project I have been putting off for awhile. I finished the project, and was equally relieved for finishing and frustrated with myself for putting it off for so long in the first place.

My guess is that I’m not the only one.

With that in mind, this week’s #OneSimpleThing challenge is about overcoming procrastination.

Many people procrastinate to some degree – but some are so crippled by the habit that it can hinder career growth and development. And the #OneSimpleThing series is all about growing, developing and remembering what we love about what we do.

Three keys to controlling procrastination are to:

1) Recognize when you start procrastinating

2) Understand why you’re doing it, and

3) Take deliberate steps to more effectively manage your time, tasks and projects

Rewarding yourself, enlisting others to hold you accountable, using a to-do list and breaking a large project down into manageable “chunks” can all be great strategies for overcoming the procrastination beast.

What is #OneSimpleThing on your list that you’ve been putting off? Why have you been procrastinating? This week, make a plan to get rolling on this project. In the comments below, connect with your fellow procrastinators and share your strategy for making progress!


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#OneSimpleThing – Give a Hand



It’s Monday, y’all!

For this week’s #OneSimpleThing installment, we’re giving some thought on how you can help your boss.

Yep, your boss.

You might be wondering why our focus is on the boss today, when our #OneSimpleThing focus is on finding your passion and developing yourself. Well, your direct supervisor is a gateway to growth and development in your organization. Chances are, however, that even bosses with the best of intentions find themselves letting “work win” – and sadly, developing employees can fall on the priority list.

So, let’s help those bosses out, shall we?

Those who follow the 70-20-10 model will agree that much of workplace learning is active. On the job. Social. So, what can you take from that model to help your boss that will, in turn, be a development exercise for you?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Offer to attend a standing meeting in your supervisor’s place; follow up with him/her afterward
  • Ask if you can contribute to a project in which your boss is involved
  • Request a “stretch” project or assignment that takes something off the boss’ plate (and aligns with a business objective)
  • Ask for feedback – not just during your annual performance review
  • Know your boss’ goals and deadlines – look for ways you can help him/her achieve them
  • What does your boss dislike? Offer to take it off his/her plate!
  • With whom does your boss interact? Ask to be introduced, and learn more about what those people do

Your #OneSimpleThing challenge this week: Talk with your supervisor about your development. Discuss ways that you can help make his/her job a little easier, in a way that will help you learn, develop and grow. After your conversation, leave a comment here on the blog and let us know how you plan to help your boss!


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#OneSimpleThing – Who Ya Gonna Call?

#OneSimpleThing - Who Ya Gonna Call

(Admit it, you’ve got the song running through your head now, don’t you? #SorryNotSorry)

Happy Monday! Here is the second installment of the #OneSimpleThing series. In case you missed last week’s post, the purpose of this series is to spark creativity, kickstart new ideas, overcome burnout and focus on your own development. Whether you’re a trainer/facilitator, an instructional designer, HR professional, manager or in an entirely different field, I hope you find value!

This week’s focus: From whom can you learn something?

There is always a part of our role, company or industry that is a bit of a mystery. Maybe you just haven’t had much exposure to a certain part of your business. Maybe you’re curious about how another department operates, or how you can partner cross-functionally. Maybe you want to break down those dreaded silos. Maybe you’d like to get acquainted with your company’s CEO. Maybe there’s an industry leader in your area whose brain you’d love to pick.

The point?

We all know someone who knows something we’d like to learn more about. 

So, reach out! What’s stopping you? I promise, it’s not as tough as asking your 6th grade crush to the Valentine dance. Unless the person you have in mind is a total jerk, the chances are good that s/he will oblige your request to meet for coffee, lunch or just to sit down at the office to chat one day. Advice? People are busy (I’m sure you are too!), so be patient and mindful of others’ schedules. More advice? Pick up the check. Money well spent, I promise.

Through casual breakfasts, lunches, coffee runs and other meetups, I’ve become acquainted with some pretty incredible people. Some I’ve initiated, others have been requested by others. Regardless of who reached out first, I always walk away with a renewed energy for what I do. An idea that I want to implement or a topic I want to write about. I learn something. And the best part? I’m building stronger relationships with awesome people.

So your #OneSimpleThing challenge this week is to reach out to someone you know (or know from afar) who you could help you learn something. Ask that person to meet up sometime in the next few weeks.


Your turn: After you reach out to someone, check in by posting in the comments below. Who did you contact? What are you hoping to learn? And after you met with the person, how did it go?


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#OneSimpleThing: A New Series From phase(two)learning!


Sometimes, learning professionals (myself included) need a kick in the pants.

It’s easy to get comfortable in our roles. Unfortunately, it’s also easy to find ourselves burned-out, stressed, overworked, or simply become lazy and complacent. We need a little nudge to remind us why we do what we do.

Well, here’s your nudge, friends.

For the next several weeks, you will see a brief #OneSimpleThing post on Monday mornings. Let it be an inspiration. Let it jump-start new ideas. Let it be a vehicle for you to elicit small, actionable changes in your role, relationships and organizations. Let it help you be mindful of bad habits or bad attitudes.

Most importantly: Let it be a reminder of what you’re passionate about.

So, here is your first #OneSimpleThing challenge this week:

Who is one person in your organization that you can thank?

Think of an unsung hero that is your workhorse. Your “go-to” person when you have questions. The person with whom you can bounce ideas. Who is it?


You don’t need to buy them lunch or flowers or a gift card or a cake. Just a genuine display of appreciation will do. Let them know that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

It will make that person’s day…and you won’t feel too shabby, yourself.


Your turn: In the comments below, share an example of a time when a boss or co-worker showed appreciation to you in an unexpected way or “for no special reason”. How did that make you feel? How did it impact or change your working relationship with that person?


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