#OneSimpleThing – Give a Hand

  It's Monday, y'all! For this week's #OneSimpleThing installment, we're giving some thought on how you can help your boss. Yep, your boss. You might be wondering why our focus is on the boss today, when our #OneSimpleThing focus is on finding your passion and developing yourself. Well, your direct supervisor is a gateway to … Continue reading #OneSimpleThing – Give a Hand

#OneSimpleThing – Who Ya Gonna Call?

(Admit it, you've got the song running through your head now, don't you? #SorryNotSorry) Happy Monday! Here is the second installment of the #OneSimpleThing series. In case you missed last week's post, the purpose of this series is to spark creativity, kickstart new ideas, overcome burnout and focus on your own development. Whether you're a … Continue reading #OneSimpleThing – Who Ya Gonna Call?

#OneSimpleThing: A New Series From phase(two)learning!

Sometimes, learning professionals (myself included) need a kick in the pants. It's easy to get comfortable in our roles. Unfortunately, it's also easy to find ourselves burned-out, stressed, overworked, or simply become lazy and complacent. We need a little nudge to remind us why we do what we do. Well, here's your nudge, friends. For the next several … Continue reading #OneSimpleThing: A New Series From phase(two)learning!

If Trainers Were Listed on Yelp, How Would You Be Rated?

I'm just coming back home from a few days in a log cabin outside Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Ever been there? After a couple of days in the wilderness, I learned that this pretty much sums me up: Who am I kidding? I've known this all along...I'm not exactly an outdoorsy girl. It was a great trip, … Continue reading If Trainers Were Listed on Yelp, How Would You Be Rated?

3 Ways to Have a Really Bad Time at a Conference

Greetings from fabulous Las Vegas! This week, I'm attending (and speaking at!) the annual Skillsoft user conference, Perspectives 2014. My session was Tuesday afternoon during one of the pre-conference workshops - technically, the conference begins Wednesday morning. Needless to say, I lucked out on the timing of my session...it's all done early, so now I … Continue reading 3 Ways to Have a Really Bad Time at a Conference

5 Leadership Lessons from Peyton Manning

Playoff time has arrived, my friends. Regardless of what team you might be rooting for, I don't think anyone could argue that the Denver Broncos are having an impressive year. At the forefront of this franchise is the one and only Peyton Manning, QB extraordinaire. You could say I'm a little bit of a Peyton … Continue reading 5 Leadership Lessons from Peyton Manning

I’m tired.

If anyone is counting, 2014 marks 15 years of my involvement in the Learning & Development field. And I'm tired. Don't get me wrong, I am more passionate about adult learning than ever, but I am tired. At first glance, one might think this is because I'm in perpetual motion. I'm a mom with a … Continue reading I’m tired.


I have a lot to be thankful for this year. A loving home and family, two beautiful and smart kids, a sister whose cancer is in remission, a precious new nephew born 3 months ago...the list goes on and on. Professionally, there are also numerous reasons to be grateful. For Thanksgiving, I wanted to take … Continue reading Thankful.