What Food Network taught me about facilitation skills

I love Food Network. I never get tired of it. In fact, I could probably find more time for writing this blog (and a number of other things) if I watched less Food Network on Saturday mornings with a cup or three of coffee. Ages ago - probably at least 5 years ago - I … Continue reading What Food Network taught me about facilitation skills

Onboarding During Times of Organizational Change

I don't often talk about happenings at my day job, but I have an interesting case study to share. We have recently completed a major system conversion, a project that has taken nearly 3 years from inception, but particularly the past 18 months. My team was tasked with enabling the entire organization through training, on-the-job … Continue reading Onboarding During Times of Organizational Change

Happy 2015! What’s Your Resolution?

Happy New Year, Phase(Two)Nation! After a wonderful break for the holidays, phase(two)learning is back in full swing for 2015. Not only have I taken a blogging break, but I also enjoyed a near-total "digital detox" - I've been laying low on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, clearing the perpetual noise, hanging out with my family and … Continue reading Happy 2015! What’s Your Resolution?

How to Combat “Inspiration Overload” After a Conference

Fun fact about yours truly: I have the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors for my local chapter of the Association for Talent Development (ATD - formerly ASTD). Last week, I was able to attend the organization's annual Chapter Leaders Conference (ALC), where I was also able to present a session. The conference, in … Continue reading How to Combat “Inspiration Overload” After a Conference

Tech Tools for Training

Here's an exciting little nugget: I was thrilled to contribute an article for this month's issue of T+D magazine. The topic? "Tech Tools for Training". As a longtime supporter of using cell phones and other devices in training sessions, this was a fun topic to explore. The article includes 8 easy-to-use apps and tools, as well as suggestions … Continue reading Tech Tools for Training