Onboarding is not a “Nice-to-Have”

I had a brief conversation with a consultant and business owner at a networking event a few months ago, where the topic drifted to the new employee experience. We were discussing a few general best practices and he probed why onboarding is the niche market I choose to serve in my consulting practice. Trying not … Continue reading Onboarding is not a “Nice-to-Have”

Why “Lean In” Made Me Step Back for a Moment

Over the past few years, the Lean In movement has become a highly influential, inspirational voice for professional women around the world. As a professional female, I appreciate the message and encouragement. As the mother of a teenage son (today, at the time of this writing, is actually his 15th birthday!) and a college-aged daughter, I … Continue reading Why “Lean In” Made Me Step Back for a Moment

What “Modern Family” Reminded Me About Onboarding

Did you happen to catch Modern Family last week? I know I did! It's one of my favorite current shows. Usually, I tune in for the comedy and the great writing, but last Wednesday, I found myself taking notes. Yep - I'm a nerd like that. One of the storylines in the episode featured Mitch … Continue reading What “Modern Family” Reminded Me About Onboarding