It’s a Learning 360 (plus 5) (minus 3)…or something like that

Okay, new year…somewhat new blog.  I started this a few months back, but I guess I wasn’t quite ready to pull the trigger, or I was second-guessing that I would have anything remotely relevant to babble about.  And the inevitable procrastination bug hit me. :/

Now that a new year has begun, I figured it was time to pull a 360…then I added 5 days so I could call it a “365”, but quickly reminded myself that we’re already 3 days into the new year, so anyway…here we are.  Regardless of whether or not today is January 1, this will be the year that I begin sharing my thoughts on workplace learning.  The aspects of learning that I’m most passionate about.  The areas that challenge me.  Projects and methods I’d like to explore further.  This is the year that I capture the ideas in my head and actually log them somewhere.

I hope you’ll join me in some great dialogue this year (and hopefully beyond!).  Here’s to a great 2012!

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