Week in Review: Working Mother Edition

I really don’t eat, sleep, and breathe corporate learning ALL the time.  Well, I’ll admit having a perpetual to-do list and I’m never far from my thought-organizing BFF, Evernote.  But I’ve been thinking about the blur that has been the past week, and realized that there was a whole lotta craziness jam-packed into it.  So, for your reading pleasure (or just ignore it…whatevs), here is a shameless, self-indulgent glimpse into the insanity of the past week:

BMV for a new license plate.  Daughter’s volleyball tourney. Work.  Work.  Son’s basketball game.  Laundry.  Work.  Daughter’s physical therapy appointment.  Homework.  Work.  Son’s Math Bowl competition.  Homework.  Laundry.  Son’s doctor appointment.  Work.  Get-together with family and friends.  Son at sleepover. Laundry. Daughter’s track meet.  Boyfriend’s school’s girls’ basketball state championship game (he’s a teacher).  Son threw up all over boyfriend’s office during said game…and in the (one month old) car (buh-bye, new car smell)…and at the house later that night. Laundry.  Daughter’s volleyball tourney (updates via text because I was home with my sick boy). This blog post.  One more blog post (a “real” one).

Now, I claim to thrive on a little bit of chaos, but this is ridiculous!  This girl needs a vacation.  Serenity now!

On that note…who’s ready for MONDAY?!

</end rant>

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