Product Review: Tool School, by futurethink


Kill a Stupid Rule.

If you’ve been following my posts lately, you’ll know that this sentence would probably capture my attention. I’ve been on a mission to encourage my corporate learning brethren to try new things in their learning programs, because…well, why not? It’s okay to break those unspoken, organizational “rules” from time to time and look at learning a different way.

I recently learned about a new product from the corporate innovation firm, futurethink, called Tool School. Tool School is a series of brief, engaging training videos that are unlike those you’ve seen in the past.

You know the ones I’m talking about. Outdated. Bad acting. Boring.

I had the pleasure of watching one of the Tool School videos, called “Kill a Stupid Rule”, which I’ll admit was perfectly timed and well-aligned with my rule-breaking mood. I was instantly intrigued.

When futurethink claimed these videos “disrupt how we learn,” I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but the moment I began watching the video, I felt immersed, as though I was a participant in the discussion I was observing. In a very The Office-esque way, I connected with the team and started thinking of the “stupid rules” that I find myself irritated by, yet complying with, at the Day Job.

But I didn’t stop there. As the scenario played out, I thought of those arbitrary rules, outdated processes, unnecessary meetings and organizational norms that we all deal with. Then, I began to think of solutions. Ways we could think and act differently as a team. Ways we could jump-start creativity and improve productivity.

I’d say futurethink came through on their claim. I thought differently. I learned things that I could immediately implement. I was engaged from start to finish. If you are looking for something unique to include in your Learning or Leadership Development programs, this is definitely one to consider.

If you’d like to watch the “Kill a Stupid Rule” trailer, I’ve provided it for you here:


If you’d like more information about the Tool School video series or other services, you can read this press release or reach out directly to futurethink at or give them a shout at 646.257.5737.

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Note: In the spirit of full disclosure, the good folks at futurethink asked if I would like to preview this video. I offered to feature the product on the phase(two)learning blog. I am not being compensated for this endorsement, nor am I making any claims on results your organization might experience. Simply put, I just thought it was pretty awesome, and wanted to share it with you.

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