Tech Tools for Training

Here's an exciting little nugget: I was thrilled to contribute an article for this month's issue of T+D magazine. The topic? "Tech Tools for Training". As a longtime supporter of using cell phones and other devices in training sessions, this was a fun topic to explore. The article includes 8 easy-to-use apps and tools, as well as suggestions … Continue reading Tech Tools for Training

Texting: The Next Frontier in Corporate Learning?

Shd u txt ur lrnrs? If you had trouble reading that, allow me to translate:  Should you text your learners? Now, I'm not exactly talking about one-on-one, personal texts that you might send a friend or family member. I'm thinking about an interactive compliment to just-in-time learning. Let's explore.. According to 2013 research by Acision, … Continue reading Texting: The Next Frontier in Corporate Learning?

Pinterest for Onboarding: Part Two

In my last post, I threw out this crazy little notion about incorporating Pinterest into employee onboarding programs.  I promised that there would be a Part 2...and here it is: I've got 3 more board possibilities for you, so between last week's post and this one, you'll have 8...count 'em...8 ideas for boards you can … Continue reading Pinterest for Onboarding: Part Two

Pinterest for Onboarding: Part One

Ah, Pinterest.  The (addicting!) social media darling. This site has opened my eyes to everything from new recipes, to travel inspiration, to shoes and handbags (swoon!) and home decor ideas...and about 1001 other things.  I even post links to this blog and other things that inspire me on a Pinterest board.  Such fun! Pinterest is … Continue reading Pinterest for Onboarding: Part One

6 Ways to Engage Learners with Mobile Devices

Guess what?  People love their mobile devices.  Shocking, right? While this isn't breaking news, it does mean that training participants like to have their phones and other mobile devices with them in the classroom.  And that's thrown a curve ball at facilitators who have always subscribed to the "Please turn your cell phones OFF!" rule … Continue reading 6 Ways to Engage Learners with Mobile Devices