Pinterest for Onboarding: Part Two


In my last post, I threw out this crazy little notion about incorporating Pinterest into employee onboarding programs.  I promised that there would be a Part 2…and here it is:

I’ve got 3 more board possibilities for you, so between last week’s post and this one, you’ll have 8…count ’em…8 ideas for boards you can easily create and utilize in your onboarding efforts.

Board #6: Leadership Profiles

Does your website have a page dedicated to your leadership team?  Your Board of Directors?  Other strategic leaders?  A board that links to an online bio (or even a video bio!) of these key individuals would be a great tool for educating an incoming employee on their career background and history with the organization.  Linking to videos or written works by these leaders also gives an insightful glimpse into their role and style.  For new employees who will be interacting with leaders at this level (or just working to build influence at this level), this is valuable material!

Board #7: Events & Conferences

Many companies host a user conference, symposium or other events throughout the year.  Posting videos, registration information, recorded webinars, photos, handouts and other resources from these events is a terrific way educate incumbents (not to mention prospects and customers!) on your products, services, and special events.  Additionally, if employees are featured presenters at other conferences throughout your industry, link to those resources as well!  This will both showcase the talent in your organization and provide excellent industry information to a new employee who is looking to educate him/herself.

Board #8: Campus-to-Corporate (Internship Resources)

If your organization has an internship program, having a visual board to link to specific resources that are relevant for these young professionals would be a value-add!  You can incorporate photos from your program, details about applying for an internship, and even link to helpful articles that would benefit young employees – topics like:

  • How to look professional for a job interview
  • Preparing for a job interview
  • Building professional relationships/networking tips
  • Resume building
  • Responsible social media use
  • Adjusting to your first post-college job

As I’ve researched this topic, I have found that Pinterest can be a wonderful playground for just about anything. So, why not learning?  Why not onboarding?  Why not leadership?  If it fits with your overall strategy and objectives….why not?

If you’re doing a little discovery, feel free to follow my own Learning & Development Playground board on Pinterest!

Your turn: Are you going to give Pinterest a try?  I’d love to hear your ideas and plans!

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