Top 10 Posts About Onboarding

It's summer vacation for phase(two)learning! For the next two weeks, please enjoy this recap of favorite phase(two)learning blog posts! Look for fresh, new content in July! If you've been following this blog for long, you'll know that onboarding is a topic that I could talk about all day. A solid onboarding program can have a … Continue reading Top 10 Posts About Onboarding

3 Ways to Streamline the Onboarding Process

"I can't afford to spend a lot of time onboarding my new employee." "There is so much work to do, I need him to hit the ground running." "HOW long is Orientation?" I'm sure these thoughts go through the minds of hiring managers in organizations the world over. I know I've certainly heard statements like … Continue reading 3 Ways to Streamline the Onboarding Process

3 Easy Tips for a More Engaging New Employee Orientation Program

Deconstructing and revising an Orientation program is no small undertaking. Trust me, I've been there! I'm often asked for quick tips or best practices that can be quickly implemented to an existing New Employee Orientation program. Keeping in mind that every organization and program is different, there are some simple things that can be added … Continue reading 3 Easy Tips for a More Engaging New Employee Orientation Program

First Impressions…

I'd like to chat with my recruiting and hiring manager friends for a moment... You are setting the tone for your relationship with your newest team member from the earliest points of contact. The first impressions you give, even in this embryonic stage, will remain etched in the employee's mind long after your initial meeting. … Continue reading First Impressions…

Pinterest for Onboarding: Part Two

In my last post, I threw out this crazy little notion about incorporating Pinterest into employee onboarding programs.  I promised that there would be a Part 2...and here it is: I've got 3 more board possibilities for you, so between last week's post and this one, you'll have 8...count 'em...8 ideas for boards you can … Continue reading Pinterest for Onboarding: Part Two

SMART Onboarding

My day job is all about rewarding top performers. It's a great concept, really...employee incentives are achieved not only by company performance, but by setting and attaining meaningful personal goals that impact the organization.  Needless to say, goal-setting is a frequent topic of conversation around the company! The other day, I was thinking about my … Continue reading SMART Onboarding