Hiring Manager Tip: Start Building a Relationship Before the New Employee’s First Day

Picture this: A hiring manager is eager to fill a key role on his team, and finally finds the right candidate. An offer is made, and ultimately accepted. (Cue the Hallelujah Chorus) Been there, hiring managers? As soon as that offer has been accepted, the clock is ticking. In many cases, you have about two … Continue reading Hiring Manager Tip: Start Building a Relationship Before the New Employee’s First Day

First Impressions…

I'd like to chat with my recruiting and hiring manager friends for a moment... You are setting the tone for your relationship with your newest team member from the earliest points of contact. The first impressions you give, even in this embryonic stage, will remain etched in the employee's mind long after your initial meeting. … Continue reading First Impressions…

Pinterest for Onboarding: Part Two

In my last post, I threw out this crazy little notion about incorporating Pinterest into employee onboarding programs.  I promised that there would be a Part 2...and here it is: I've got 3 more board possibilities for you, so between last week's post and this one, you'll have 8...count 'em...8 ideas for boards you can … Continue reading Pinterest for Onboarding: Part Two

Pinterest for Onboarding: Part One

Ah, Pinterest.  The (addicting!) social media darling. This site has opened my eyes to everything from new recipes, to travel inspiration, to shoes and handbags (swoon!) and home decor ideas...and about 1001 other things.  I even post links to this blog and other things that inspire me on a Pinterest board.  Such fun! Pinterest is … Continue reading Pinterest for Onboarding: Part One

Pre-boarding? Non-Proprietary? No Problem!

I had a conversation the other day about pre-boarding employees prior to their start date.  A question was thrown back to me:  How can we pre-board employees before we're able to give them access to proprietary systems and information? I love questions like that. Pre-boarding isn't new employee orientation or training, but it is an … Continue reading Pre-boarding? Non-Proprietary? No Problem!