Pick a card, any card…

I was doing so well!  I have so many things to say, and the past few weeks I let a grueling work schedule, many-many-many kids’ sporting events, a slight case of writer’s block, and a mini-vacation stand in the way of my creative output.  And I promised myself that wouldn’t happen!!

**shakes fist in the air!!**

So, tonight I dug out my trusty stack of index card writing prompts and promised myself to get back on track:

My deck-o’-prompts have a number of learning and development topics that are always top of mind – projects I want to work on, ideas to explore…you know, stuff like that (yeah…told you I’m a nerd).  So, between that and the last couple of books I’ve read, I finally have some much-needed inspiration for new posts.

I’m just gettin’ warmed up, kids…stay tuned!

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