One Thing a Manager Can Say to Build a New Employee’s Confidence


Onboarding is a big responsibility, hiring manager. It’s not enough to make sure a new employee has completed her paperwork and her direct deposit set up – you need to think about a number of other things:

Training her for the role…integrating her with the rest of the team…introducing her to key stakeholders and vendors…showing her around…setting expectations…providing feedback…making sure she has the tools necessary to do the job…sharing helpful industry resources…goal-setting…communicating frequently…involving her in relevant meetings and projects…assigning tasks…(deep breath)

…and then turning her loose to do the job.

That’s a lot to throw at a new employee, even a seasoned professional. Your new employee is getting acclimated to a new company, new people, new processes, new procedures, new computer systems, new expectations, new routines. All new. Even with an abundance of communication, tools and support, it’s easy for her to become discouraged – maybe even doubt her decision to join your team in the first place.

So, let’s add one more item to your lengthy to-do list, hiring manager. One thing that you can say to encourage your new employee when she’s feeling overwhelmed. One thing to strengthen your new manager-employee relationship:

“You were the right person for this job, because_______________________.”

Think back to the moment you made the decision to hire her. What experience did she bring to the table? What set her apart from the other candidates? Remind her of this. This simple statement will boost her confidence and energize her to keep moving forward, soaking in all of the new-ness of the role, team and company.

One simple statement can make a big, big difference. Try it!


Your turn: Hiring managers, how do you encourage your new employees when they are feeling overwhelmed? How do you provide a positive environment as they adjust? Share your tips in the comments!


Be kind and share this post with all of the hiring managers in your life…please and thank you!


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3 thoughts on “One Thing a Manager Can Say to Build a New Employee’s Confidence

  1. Brian Washburn says:

    Michelle – I love your fill-in-the-blank tip: “You were the right person for this job, because_______________________.”

    I still remember my first day at a new job (April 7, 2004) when my boss and a co-worker took me out to lunch and I was told: “Look, we don’t normally hire people from the outside. But we hired you ‘off the street’ because we feel you can bring a fresh perspective to the way we do things.” It was such a powerful statement because, as I got to know the company culture I realized that almost ALL promotions to the level at which I was hired into the company came from within. Had my boss not shared that comment with me on my first day, I would have not only been very intimidated, but also probably would have doubted my ability to contribute.

    • Michelle says:

      That’s a huge compliment, Brian! If they didn’t often hire external people, then that spoke highly of your right-ness for the job. :) Sometimes, in the hustle-bustle of bringing someone new to the team (internal or external), taking that moment to encourage can be extremely powerful when a new employee is trying to learn, assimilate and contribute in a new environment! Thanks for sharing that!

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