Meet my new friends –!


Have you heard of This is an exciting tech startup, based in Indianapolis (where I happen to live). The good folks at are doing some pretty exciting things in the learning and onboarding industry. If you have worked in the corporate Learning & Development space, chances are you’ve dealt with sophisticated systems, cumbersome processes and other barriers to create, publish and track employee training or onboarding plans. is shaking things up – they are simplifying the cumbersome and making the once-inaccessible, accessible. In this article, they are described as “The MailChimp of teaching and learning software.” Okay, that’s an interesting descriptor!

Well, has recently acquired some funding and is seeing impressive growth. And they are some super-nice guys. I had the pleasure of meeting the founder, Max, at a conference last year, and have recently had some communication with Mitch, the Director of Marketing. They also have a super blog, which I learned when they approached me to write this guest post.

Check it out: 5 New Employee Orientation Tips


So, phase(two)nation, let’s give the good people at some love. Here is your to-do list:

1) Check out their website, meet the team and learn about the cool things they’re doing in the Learning industry.

2) Dig into the great resources on their blog and share your favorites with your network!

3) Give them a call if you’re looking for a solid platform to create, assign and track employee training or onboarding.


Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


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