Top 10 Posts About Training and Facilitation Skills


It’s summer vacation for phase(two)learning! Please enjoy this recap of some favorite phase(two)learning blog posts! Look for fresh, new content returning next week!


Last week, we recapped the Top 10 phase(two)learning blog posts about onboarding – I hope you enjoyed it! Since the other topic I love to explore in this blog is training and facilitation skills, tips and tricks, I thought it was fitting to devote the second “summer break” edition to that very topic.

Whether you are a novice trainer or a master facilitator, it’s important to continually sharpen your skills, add to your bag o’ tricks and refine your craft. Here, ranked in order of popularity (according to blog metrics) are the top 10 phase(two)learning blog posts for trainers and facilitators. If you like a particular post, please share it!

10. Adult Learning Principles: A Quick Refresher

9. Trick Out My PowerPoint!

8. Before Your Training Session: 3 Simple Things to Remember

7. BYOWS (Bring Your Own Workshop Stuff)

6. 30 (More!) Recommended Reads for Learning Professionals

5. 10 Tips for Facilitators (and why I hate public speaking)

4. The Introvert’s Guide to Being an Awesome Facilitator

3. 5 Books New Trainers Should Have on Their Reading Lists

2. 3 Training Icebreakers That Don’t Suck

…and the #1 phase(two)learning blog post about training and facilitation skills (and actually the top-ranked post on the site altogether) is…

1. 11 Adult Learner Turnoffs (AKA – don’t be THAT facilitator!)


Bonus! Here’s an oldie (a VERY oldie) but goodie you may have missed:

3 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Might Just Be a Training Prodigy


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