Watching 70-20-10 Come Alive in an Unlikely Place

Unless you are in the L&D/Training/Talent Development world, the title of this post will probably leave you scratching your head. Who am I kidding - it's probably leaving many L&D people confused... If you're not familiar with the 70-20-10 concept, let's break it down: Simply put, 70-20-10 is a methodology implying that the most effective … Continue reading Watching 70-20-10 Come Alive in an Unlikely Place

Phase(Two)Learning Encore: Assume Nothing

phase(two)learning is taking a week for today's post, please enjoy this encore of a favorite phase(two)learning post from 2012. See you next week! This afternoon, I went to my friendly neighborhood convenience store for some caffeinated refreshment (if you’ve checked out my About tab, you’ll remember that I have a “wicked caffeine addiction”).  While … Continue reading Phase(Two)Learning Encore: Assume Nothing

Meet my new friends –!

Have you heard of This is an exciting tech startup, based in Indianapolis (where I happen to live). The good folks at are doing some pretty exciting things in the learning and onboarding industry. If you have worked in the corporate Learning & Development space, chances are you've dealt with sophisticated systems, cumbersome … Continue reading Meet my new friends –!

Making an Emotional Connection to Your Learners

Last week, I was on a flight from Phoenix to Indianapolis. Seated directly behind me was a woman holding an adorable 6-month old baby boy. Seated directly across from me was a gentleman holding an adorable 6-month old baby girl. Twins. Many people would cringe at the thought of being seated by not one, but … Continue reading Making an Emotional Connection to Your Learners

Trainers, remember: Context Before Content

Recently, a friend and fellow blogger asked the question, "Is nothing sacred?" I'll give you a moment to check out the link... (insert hold music) According to this post, the answer was an emphatic no. I would have to agree. Coincidentally, I was at church this past weekend, when I had my own "Is nothing sacred?" … Continue reading Trainers, remember: Context Before Content