30 (More!) Recommended Reads for Learning Professionals


A few weeks ago, I wrote a post with 5 reading recommendations for new trainers. Well, that post took on a life of its own! Thanks to the comments on the post and a very active discussion thread on LinkedIn, I decided to curate the suggestions and now have a library’s worth of books to share with you.

Whether you are a new or seasoned learning professional, a facilitator or instructional designer, I think you’ll find something on this list that suits your interests…

(Ready to add to your Amazon wish list?)

1) The Adult Learner – Malcom Knowles, et al

2) Creative Training Techniques Handbook – Bob Pike

3) Brain Rules – John Medina

4) Michael Allen’s Guide to eLearning – Michael Allen

5) How To Be A Presentation God – Scott Schwertly

6) Planning Programs for Adult Learners – Rosemary S. Caffarella

7) Active Training – Mel Silberman

8) Developing Technical Training – Ruth Colvin Clark

9) Perfect Selling – Linda Richardson

10) Sales Coaching – Linda Richardson

11) The Bible of Course: Human Competence, Engineering Worthy Performance – Thomas F. Gilbert

12) Brilliant Job Aids and Process Overviews: Structured On-the-Job Training – Jacobs & Jones

13) Project Management for Trainers – Lou Russell

14) How to be a Successful Technical Trainer – Terrance Keys and Andrew Zeff

15) ISD From the Ground Up – Chuck Hodell

16) Developing Vocational Instruction – Robert F. Mager and Kenneth M. Beach

17) Classroom Teaching Skills – James M. Cooper, et al

18) Better Than Bullet Points – Jane Bozarth

19) Beyond the Podium – Allison Rossett and Kendra Shelton

20) Becoming a Master Student – Dave Ellis

21) The Winning Trainer – Julius Eitington

22) Design for How People Learn – Julie Dirksen

23) Leaving ADDIE for SAM – Michael Allen with Richard Sites

24) Presentation Zen – Garr Reynolds

25) Gamestorming – Dave Gray

26) Slide:ology – Nancy Duarte

27) Visual Meetings – David Sibbet

28) Visual Teams – David Sibbet

29) Visual Leaders – David Sibbet

30) The Ten-Minute Trainer: 150 Ways to Teach it Quick and Make it Stick! – Sharon L. Bowman

Thanks to everyone who shared their favorites! It’s amazing what happens when people add to the conversation, isn’t it?
Is your favorite missing from this list? Be sure to add a comment below and share your go-to book or resource! Know of someone or a team who is building a professional development library? Be kind and share this post!

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