Informal Learning is Key

So many of our learning experiences are informal and organic.  They aren’t necessarily taking place in a corporate classroom; in fact, the majority of learning takes place OUTSIDE the classroom.  Over lunch.  In meetings. Working on projects.  In real life.  Now, formal learning isn’t going away…but we need to remember that so much happens every day around the organization.  Learning practitioners are challenged to create an environment that is conducive for learning – people need to know that “learning and development” isn’t just a department, and it certainly isn’t just “that training that HR does”.  Learning should be part of the culture.  Learning is collaborative. Learning is social.  Learning is everywhere.

SlideShare is a great learning resource; it’s where I grabbed the great presentation featured below, courtesy of Charles Jennings.  It’s also where I found this awesome slide deck on presentation tips from an earlier post.


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