Today was a good day…

Wow, what a great day!  I spent the day facilitating a workshop for a great group of people.  They were open-minded, engaged, and eager to share their experiences.  When we were wrapping up the event at the end of the day, they unanimously agreed that it was time well spent.  I can’t think of a better compliment!  People are so busy and are pulled in so many directions.  For a person to CHOOSE to spend their day with me is a compliment in itself.  But to get through the material and to hear them enthusiastically say that the content was meaningful and relevant…well, that means a great deal!  I know several dozen emails, phone calls, and tasks were put on hold for those attendees to participate today.  I’m so glad they did.  And I’m so glad their expectations were exceeded!

Tonight’s entry is short.  Facilitators, I’m sure you will agree that completing a successful learning event is a great feeling.  You walk away feeling accomplished, energized, and ready for the next one.  That’s where I am tonight….looking forward to what’s next.

Weekend’s coming, boys and girls!!

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