Create a Culture of Learning


I see this quote often. On motivational posters. On coffee mugs. And certainly on various social media sites. As true and as relevant as Ghandi’s words are, I’m probably not alone when I say I’ve become a little desensitized toward this quote. But let’s think about it from a learning perspective for a moment…

Learning has evolved significantly over the past several years. Once upon a time, learning consisted of a classroom, an instructor, and possibly some visual aids.  Today, we have eLearning, mobile learning, social learning, coaching, mentoring, job aids, social learning, gamification, and yes, of course, instructor-led training.

Just because we understand these concepts doesn’t mean our stakeholders do.

It is our responsibility to be ambassadors of this global learning (r)evolution and discover ways to support the workplaces we represent. To understand the needs of our stakeholders. To engage employees. To enhance performance. To move the needle. Three things to remember:

Speak the language of your sponsors.

What are your organizational objectives? How can learning align to impact the business? That’s what your executives want to know. Get them on your side.

One size does not fit all.

Consider your audience – experience, organizational level, even geography matters. Keep it real and relevant. If employees can relate, they will be more likely to be engaged.

Market the heck out of it.

Yes, we are learning professionals, but we are also marketers. We need to know our audience…and just like a well-placed commercial or magazine ad, our programs need to scratch the itch. Provide the solution. Bridge the learning gap.

There are so many conversations we could have on each of these three items. If you’re ever in Indy, give me a shout and we’ll discuss over some Starbucks. Or check out my Connect page and reach out online and we’ll chat there!

Friends, I’m in the culture changing business. Are you?

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